“Big Brother” is back! Each week ET Canada will be interviewing the latest houseguest evicted from the house.

No amount of prayers were able to save Dominique Cooper from impending eviction last Thursday, even the offer of salvation in the form of a Battle Back competition wasn’t enough to change her fate. Her game was tanked due to a lie Cody Nickson told the week prior, causing her alliance to turn against her, and that same man put an end to her shot at redemption.

After a promising start, the wheels are beginning to fall off this season of “Big Brother.” It’s not that drama is lacking, last week saw a shirtless condiment fight after a game of pool gone wrong, like two drunk frat boys bickering over the minutiae of Beer Pong. But this year’s group of inmates are a real smorgasbord of numbskulls. Ranging from the stupidly offensive to the criminally banal, finding someone to root for is like trying to teach a horse to tap dance.

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First off, there’s Paul Abrahamian, whose arrogance has ascended to the upper echelon of “Big Brother” egotists. He believes he’s puppeteering the game with the grace of Jim Henson when in reality he has about as much subtly as the Cookie Monster. Then there’s Josh Martinez, an ill-tempered adult baby whose every sentence contradicts the one that came before it, not even Alan Turing could decipher his mad ramblings. Imagine all of Adam Sandler’s man-child characters rolled into one, that’s the living nightmare which is Josh. When these two camera hoggers aren’t on screen, it’s usually because the houseguests are preparing a eulogy for Christmas Abbott’s broken foot.

While a select few suck up air time like its oxygen, there are others who have barely broken wind in the house. Among the furniture is blue-shirted human yawn Matt Clines, a man for whom the phrase “I’d rather watch paint dry” was invented. Or his showmance partner Raven Walton whose stomach scars have received more camera time than she has. Even Alex Ow, the previous Head of Household, competition prowess aside, has the onscreen presence of an IKEA wardrobe. Thank the lord for Kevin Schlehuber’s witty asides.

When your hopes of a shake-up rests on the returning Cody, a man whose favorite past time probably involves plucking the wings off butterflies, you know the season has taken a turn for the worse. All that is to say that Dominique is likely to be better off out of the house and away from all the pestering and showboating.

ET Canada caught up with Dominique to get her thoughts on what went wrong, her friendship with Mark Jansen, and how she would have changed her game if she’d returned.

Hey, Dominique! You seemed to be in a great position within the majority alliance, but it all went downhill last week. Where do you think it went wrong?

Paul, Paul, Paul. Need I say more?

You were adamant that Paul was the “snake.” How do you feel about Paul and his game now?

My feelings are the same. I lost respect for his game the moment he disrespected me and took the first stab in my back.

You appeared to have a close bond with Mark. Can you describe that friendship and why people saw it as such a threat?

Mark and I established a genuinely strong connection and I didn’t expect something of that magnitude to happen so early in the game. The connection was different and I felt the need to guard it. It was friendship more than game and I wish I could find the words to explain why and how, but they seem to be absent.

Who do you think is the most underestimated player in the game and why?

Kevin is the most underestimated player in the game because he acts like he knows nothing about “Big Brother.” He’s smart and has a ridiculously sharp memory.

If you had won the Battle Back competition and returned to the house what would you have done differently?

I would’ve avoided the alliance and remained neutral for as long as strategically possible. Oh, and kept my mouth closed!

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