Alice Cooper Digs Up Andy Warhol Original Lost In Storage For 40 Years

Alice Cooper found a valuable piece of art tucked between 1970s stage props in a storage unit.

Cooper, 69, vaguely recollected an Andy Warhol original gifted to him and set out on a hunt for the precious artwork, according to The Guardian.

The shock rocker’s longtime manager, Shep Gordon, told the outlet: “Alice says he remembers having a conversation with Warhol about the picture. He thinks the conversation was real, but he couldn’t put his hand on a Bible and say that it was.”

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“It was a rock ‘n’ roll time, none of us thought about anything,” Gordon continued. But how could anyone forget such a unique possession? “It was all a swirl of drugs and drinking,” he said of the decade that Cooper and Warhol met.

Cooper and his manager turned to the Hollywood Vampires member’s mom in their quest for treasure. “We spoke to Alice’s mother, who said she thought it was probably still in storage,” Gordon told CNN.

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After a six-month sift through storage, Cooper emerged with the painting — called Little Electric Chair — “rolled up in a tube.”

The piece was given to Cooper as a gift by his late girlfriend Cindy Lang for an estimated $2,500 after the pair met Warhol in New York City. A similar version of the Warhol original was sold in 2014 for a whopping C$10.6 million.

“You should have seen Alice’s face when [the value] estimate came in,” Mr Gordon said, adding how Cooper’s “jaw dropped and he looked at me: ‘Are you serious? I own that!'”

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