Zach Braff Answers ‘Scrubs’ Questions While Playing Operation

“Scrubs” was one of the most beloved series on TV, and fans still have some burning questions about it. Thankfully, star Zach Braff is here to answer them all.

In a video interview by BuzzFeed, Braff was put to the test, answering questions from fans while playing the board game Operation.

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Of course, to start with, Braff had to address the most important question: How good would he be at Operation?

“I haven’t played Operation since I was a child, but I do feel like as an adult I’ll be able to nail this,” Braff said. “I also, as you know, played a doctor on television for many years and have done some very light procedures on friends and acquaintances, so I think I should be able to do some basic operation.”

Asked about his longtime bromance with co-star Donald Faison, Braff said, “Donald and I do truly love each other — you can cut right now and show pictures of us through the years. We’ve been on speedboats, we’ve been in hot tubs, I attended the wedding to his lovely bride, CaCee [Cobb]. We do love each other. We love each other very much, I can’t lie. You’re going to ask me if it’s ever crossed certain taboo lines and I’m going to say no, it hasn’t.” Braff then mouthed “yes,” in case you thought he wasn’t still joking.

“I think [‘Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence] made that up the last season,” Braff said when asked about the janitor’s name on the show, “and to this day there’s controversy over his name, whether it really is Glen Matthews. We don’t know.”

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As for what J.D. would be up to these days, Braff definitely has some ideas. “I pitched to Bill that J.D. inherits a small amount of money and he uses it to make the ‘Dr. Acula’ movie that he and Turk always dreamed of making,” he explained. “So, it’d be a small movie or a small miniseries where they’re still doctors and they’re friends, but in their spare time they’re fulfilling their dream of making their vampire, medical indie film, ‘Dr. Acula’.”

Finally, on the biggest lesson he took away from “Scrubs”, Braff said, “That there’s no greater job than laughing your ass off with your friends all day long.”



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