Fred Durst Remembers Chester Bennington In Touching Note

The music world continues to mourn the shocking loss of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

The latest friend to remember the musician is Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, who shared an emotional note in Variety.

Both Bennington and Durst came up together in the music scene in the early 2000s with their respective bands. In the note, Durst recalls one of their first shows ever in Europe where Linkin Park opened up for Limp Bizkit. Before the show, Bennington and his band came into Limp Bizkit’s dressing rooms and Durst recalled him being excited and shy.

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“I remember seeing them on the side of the stage and as were performing, I was thinking to myself, ‘Chester’s voice is going to blow these kids the f**k up.’ It was a great moment and I’m happy now to have had it,” Durst remembered in the note.

“I can say so many wonderful things about the Chester I knew. He had a way of making anyone he spoke to feel heard, understood and significant. His aura and spirit were contagious and empowering. Often those types of people have so much pain and torture inside that the last thing they want is to contaminate or break the spirit of others,” Durst said about how Bennington affected other people.

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Durst also shared that Bennington was an honest and transparent friend and that their one-on-one conversations were always selfless and motivational. In their last conversation together, Durst thanked him for paving the way for music and for being so courageous.

“I want to hug him now and let him know that we all experience our own pain and deal with it our own ways. I know his torture is unique to him, but I would always be here to listen and help in any way I can. But I won’t get that hug and that moment now, which makes me so sad,” the Limp Bizkit frontman wrote.

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Saying Farewell to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington



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