Jason Bateman Gets Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame With Hilarious Speeches By Pals Jennifer Aniston And Will Arnett

After nearly four decades in the industry, Jason Bateman finally got his star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame.

On Wednesday, the Emmy-nominated actor was joined by his five-time movie co-star Jennifer Aniston and his “Arrested Development” brother, Will Arnett, who gave speeches at the ceremony.

“First of all I love this human so much because I’m standing on this boulevard publicly speaking which is a phobia of mine,” Aniston started her speech. “Technically I’ve known him since he was a child because he was on my television when I was growing up,” she said, proudly displaying old photos of the star from his days as a child actor and teen idol as Bateman, 48, looked on with a smile.

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Aniston, 48, made several jokes about his days as a former child star, sharing some personal memories from a ski trip the friends took together, giving props to his wife, Amanda Anka. “He’s a fantastic partner in crime, the most generous straight man who makes the world laugh and then can make you cry on a dime and he is a vicious negotiator… do not poke that bear,” she said, revealing Bateman’s nickname is “Grandpa.”

“It’s like, Is he young? Is he old? He looks 12, he acts 100. A head of hair that even women envy. But you know, he works hard, he’s tired,” she joked.

Arnett took the stage after Aniston, furthering Bateman’s “Grandpa” tendencies. “We’re lucky to get Jason out of the house, by the way. If we’re after 4 o’clock he’s in his pajamas and slippers,” he shared, making jokes comparing the Bluth family on “Arrested Development” to the Trump family.

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“I remember the first time I watched ‘Family Ties’ as a kid, saw Justine Bateman, and thought, ‘Boy, I wonder if she’s got a brother?’,” Arnett joked, getting a big laugh from Bateman as he recalls meeting the actor for the first time 20 years ago. “Today is a culmination of a lifetime of work, represented by a piece of stone. Today is your retirement, right?”

“I’ve been blessed to know a lot of funny people in my life and Jason is near the top of that list. Nobody makes me laugh harder, deeper, in a more profound way than this man right here,” Arnett says during his laugh-filled speech. “There’s nobody that deserves this star more than Jason – other than me – and today I am very, very happy for my brother.”

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“Your words really did mean a lot,” Bateman said, thanking Aniston and Arnett for their humourous and heartfelt speeches. “I just simply feel very, very grateful to hold my job in a business that’s not known for its longevity and for being able to work with a lot of good people to not only learn an enormous amount but to find in them, some friends that have changed the way that I see the world and the way I want to live in it.”

Bateman got his start in TV at the age of 12 back in 1981 on “Little House On The Prairie” and afterwards appearing on the popular shows “Silver Spoons” and “Valerie” which launched him into teen heartthrob status. His first big break in the movies came in 1987’s “Teen Wolf Too”. In 2003, he earned an Emmy nomination for his role in the cult comedy series “Arrested Development” and has starred in the big screen comedies “Horrible Bosses”, “Identity Thief” and “Juno”, just to name a few.

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In 2013, he made his directorial debut with the dark comedy “Bad Words” and again stepped behind the camera for the drama “The Family Fang” two years later.

His star ceremony comes five days after his latest project, the Netflix original series “Ozark”, launched on the streaming service.





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