Jon Hamm Gets Robotic In Trailer For ‘Marjorie Prime’

Jon Hamm is taking on a different role with his upcoming movie “Marjorie Prime”.

The movie is being described as a cross between an episode of “Black Mirror” and Spike Jonze’s movie “Her”. Based on the Jordan Harrison play, the film has been garnering exceptional reviews since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

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The movie revolves around Marjorie, played by Lois Smith, an elderly woman who is spending her final days with her deceased husband, played by Jon Hamm.

Since her husband has been dead for years, Hamm plays the computerized version of her partner who looks like his younger self. To comfort Marjorie, the robot, named “Prime”, recalls information about their relationship

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Critics raved about the movie when it premiered at Sundance, remarking on how unique it is:

“Marjorie Prime” has a limited release on August 18.



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