New Documentary To Explore The Rise And Fall Of Kanye West And Jay Z’s Friendship

The friendship between Kanye West and Jay Z is iconic and now fans will get an exclusive look into the epic bond, and its demise.

“Public Enemies: Jay Z and Kanye” a documentary, will feature new footage following their friendship, business partnership and personal feuds.

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Jay-Z spoke to Radio 1 host Zane Low in 2013 and revealed the start of their disagreements followed joint album “Watch the Throne”. “Soon as I thought we have wrapped up ‘Watch The Throne’ I made two records, I had ‘Holy Grail’ and ‘Oceans’,” Jay said. “I played those records for Kanye and he was like, ‘No, those have to go on ‘Watch The Throne’ so we spent four days arguing about those records… There was some pushing at one point.”

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More recently, Jay Z featured many lyrics addressing feuds with West on his new album “4:44”. West has also dropped all his records from Jay’s music streaming service, Tidal.

The documentary will premiere Monday, July 31 on the UK’s Channel 4.

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