Annie Lennox’s Daughter, Tali Lennox, Recalls Losing Her Boyfriend During A Kayaking Accident: ‘It’s Completely Bizarre To Me’

Annie Lennox’s daughter, Tali Lennox, is opening up about losing her boyfriend in a terrifying kayaking incident in this week’s issue of ES Magazine.

Lennox and her boyfriend, Ian Jones, were kayaking on the Hudson River when things took a turn. In 2015, the couple went on a trip and his body was found after the kayak capsized.

Looking back on the incident, losing her best friend that way was incredibly surreal. “His family were basically my family in New York. I spent all my time with them. And then suddenly he’s not there. It’s completely bizarre to me,” she said.

Credit: Francesca Allen
Credit: Francesca Allen — Credit: Francesca Allen

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Since then, she has found comfort in her artwork and it has been a major part of her healing process. “I really don’t know how I would have coped with that experience without having that,” she admitted.

“I like forms of healing that come from within. You don’t have to go to a therapist, you don’t have to lean on someone’s shoulder. You have a kind of sacred space for yourself'” Lennox said.

Before the accident, her artwork was mostly portrait paintings and she was learning about the craft. Now, her work has a story behind it and meaning. “But after that happened, it cracked me open creatively. I could access something deep in the core,” she said.

Lennox also talks about her relationship with her mom. “When I’m in London I just hang out with my mom all the time. She’s so curious about everything. She’s got such an interesting outlook on life. We often feel the same things — but she has the experience and the history to deal with them,” she admitted.

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With her mother being a music legend, her music has helped her get through the harrowing experience. When she was younger she used to be embarrassed that her mother was Annie Lennox, but now she finds comfort in her music.

“There’s this album she did with the Eurythmics called ‘Savage’ that’s much more experimental and weird. There’s this song called ‘Beethoven’ where she speaks as all these characters, and it’s so bizarre and sinister. When I did my first art show, I listened to that a lot,” she revealed.



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