Trent Reznor Admits To Not Understanding Drake: ‘As The Old Guy, I Don’t See It’

In Trent Reznor’s new interview with Vulture, the Nine Inch Nails singer opens up about the music industry.

When the topic of Drake comes up, Reznor is honest and says that while he is aware who Drizzy is, he just doesn’t get it. As Reznor has gotten older, he admits that he’s not as filled in about pop-culture as he used to be.

“I see what Drake’s been able to pull off in terms of being omnipresent and constantly engaging an audience that seems to enjoy the way he’s engaging them. I’m just not part of that audience,” Reznor confessed.

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This isn’t to say that he thinks Drake’s music is bad, it’s just not what he listens to anymore, so he has to ask around. “I’ve asked people, ‘What is it that’s good about Drake?’ I’ve said to my friends at Apple: ‘Explain to me why.’ As the old guy, I don’t see it,” he revealed.

What else does Reznor not get as the older guy in the music game? EDM, of course. He reveals that countless record executives have told him the genre is the way of the future, but he disagrees.

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“No, it’s not. It’s f**king not. I understand why people like it, and if I were 18, I’d love to be listening to it in the Sahara Tent at Coachella, high out of my f**king mind. But it’s not speaking to me at a level that I think has staying power,” he said.

While Drake is an idol to this current generation, growing up, Reznor’s idol was David Bowie. He didn’t need Bowie to have an Instagram account to idolize him because what he imagined him being was more than enough.

“David Bowie was a f**king alien, you know? As it happens, he was a f**king alien. I was lucky enough to be friends with him and he was even cooler than I’d thought,” he said about the late singer.

Reznor also revealed his feelings towards Ashton Kutcher. When the topic of his relationship with Beats and Apple Music came up, Reznor admitted he’s not sure why Kutcher is so hyped in the tech world.

“My experience with Beats Music and then at Apple largely was dismissed from outside, maybe justifiably, as here’s another celebrity moron holding up a phone and expecting some sort of credit. That kind of situation, which mine isn’t, would be insulting to the people that actually are doing the important jobs,” he explained.

“And I don’t want to hear about ‘Ashton Kutcher’s a f**king tech genius.’ I don’t give a s**t about that. He seems like an a**hole,” Reznor said.

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