Zayn Malik Opens Up About His Ongoing Struggle With Anxiety: ‘I’m Trying To Work Through Certain Issues’

Zayn Malik has been open about his battle with anxiety over the years and in a new video with Vogue, he’s discussing his struggle even more.

Last year, the singer cancelled his Capital Summertime Ball performance literally minutes before he was set to perform. He tweeted out an apology to his fans. “Anxiety that has haunted me throughout the last few months around live performances has gotten the better of me,” he admitted.

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Malik, 24, is now talking about the day-to-day fight he has with it. “I always feel like I’m trying to work through whatever certain issues are around certain subjects,” he admitted.

For the singer, his struggle is part of how the public sees him as an artist. He is cautious about how he is perceived. “For me personally, it comes from a place of not wanting to come across as an over-arrogant person that takes themselves too seriously,” he acknowledged.

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“I’m not always trying to be pretentious or say something that is going to change the world, I feel like I’m one voice among millions,” Malik said.

His anxiety also impacts his social life and he admits to struggling with going out and being social, but he’s working on it. “You know when we’re getting ready to put the second album out, people are going to start seeing me a bit more,” he said.

With all that, Malik is ready to continue with his new music and teased the upcoming sophomore record for his fans. “I’m excited for what people will think and I think it’s been a year since I properly showed my face and stuff,” he said about the upcoming album.





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