James Corden Takes A Hard Lesson In Gymnastics For His 5-Year-Old Son

James Corden will do just about anything to ensure the best for his son, Max.

Back when his son was five years old, “The Late Late Show” host decided to test out a gymnastics class for his boy at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics only to find out it’s a lot harder than it looks.

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In a new video, Corden is seen signing up for a class himself where he first offers the onlooking parents some jager-bombs and then joins a group of younger, more flexible children on the gymnasium floor.

“This is unique and that’s what the judges look for,” the 38-year-old father of two says as he climbs along a balancing beam. Struggling to do the splits and cartwheel like the rest of the kids, he quips, “I feel like I’m not getting the praise that you guys are getting from Coach Heather.”

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Corden even tests out the school’s chalk, saying, “So this is chalk for your hands? Alright, my son will immediately put that chalk in his mouth.” Putting a handful of chalk into his own mouth, he asserts, “Not great. Okay, that’s not good at all.”

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