Science Confirms Harry Styles Is Handsome (But Not As Handsome As George Clooney)

This just in: Harry Styles is very handsome.

That’s no longer just the opinion of millions of One Direction fans, but a verifiable statement that can be scientifically proven, thanks to the release of a new report from The Center For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

As People explains, the report examines faces in respect to “the Golden Ratio” (also known as Phi), ranking the attractiveness of celebrities based on the symmetry of their faces.

According to the report, facial symmetry is what accounts for humans’ concept of beauty, and Styles’ facial features are apparently about as symmetrically perfect as they come.

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Eyes, for example, are at their most beautiful when the distance between them, when divided by the length of the eye, equals 1.618 (known as Phi). Styles ‘eyes are 98.15 per cent of that ideal.

His chin is even more perfect. The attractiveness of a chin is measured by its width, which at the mid-point should be 1.618 times the length of the lip. Styles’ chin is 99.7 per cent of this ratio.

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While Harry Styles is the tops when it comes to chin and eyes, Ryan Gosling was found to have the world’s most perfect nose, with David Beckham possessing the planet’s most perfectly shaped face.

When it comes to overall handsomeness, however, the honour for the world’s most handsome face falls upon George Clooney. As the Daily Mail points out, Clooney’s “eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape were measured and came closest to the Greeks’ idea of perfection.”

The top 10 most handsome men, according to the golden ratio, are:

1. George Clooney 91.86 per cent

2. Bradley Cooper 91.80 per cent

3. Brad Pitt 90.51 per cent

4. Harry Styles 89.63 per cent

5. David Beckham 88.96 per cent

6. Will Smith 88.88 per cent

7. Idris Elba 87.93 per cent

8. Ryan Gosling 87.48 per cent

9. Zayn Malik 86.5 per cent

10. Jamie Fox 85.46 per cent

Despite his near-perfect features, Styles was happy to discuss one of his most unique physical imperfections during a recent appearance on Netflix’s “Chelsea” when he displayed his four nipples for host Chelsea Handler. Watch:

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