Kathy Griffin Confirms Federal Investigation Into Trump-Beheading Video Is Over: ‘I Have Been Completely Exonerated’

The furor over Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo in which she’s holding the fake severed head of Donald Trump appears to be over, with the embattled comedian confirming on Twitter that she’s been “completely exonerated” and the federal investigation into her actions has concluded.

On Friday, Griffin took to Twitter to announce that she is no longer under investigation and that the case has been closed, responding to an Associated Press report debunking a bogus story making the rounds on alt-right websites claiming she was placed behind bars after “walking around New York wearing fake blood and a Trump Halloween mask.”

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“The @AP has to clarify,” tweets Griffin. “I am no longer under federal investigation. The case is closed, I have been completely exonerated. Finally.”

Earlier this month, reports claimed that the former “Suddenly Susan” star was interviewed in person for “over an hour” by Secret Service agents about the photo; in June, Griffin’s criminal lawyer Dmitry Gorin told the New York Times that his client was ready to cooperate fully in order to prove the controversial photo was simply a joke, and not a veiled threat against the life of the president.

“We’re going to fully co-operate with the Secret Service in their investigation,” said Gorin.

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The release of the photo immediately landed the outspoken comedian in hot water. People on both sides of the political divide slammed her for the pic, ranging from Chelsea Clinton to Donald Trump, who said Griffin “should be ashamed of herself.”

After being widely pilloried, Griffin issued a tearful apology video on social media (which has since been taken down), and subsequently appeared at a press conference in which she admitted that Trump “broke me,” and fretted that her career was over.



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