‘Big Brother 19’ Ramses Eviction Interview; ‘I Did Kind Of Sacrifice Myself By Going On The Block’

“Big Brother” is back! Each week ET Canada will be interviewing the latest houseguest evicted from the house.

One thing every “Big Brother” superfan knows is that you never, ever want to be the pawn. Being asked to be the pawn in “Big Brother” is like putting on a Stormtrooper outfit in the Galactic Empire, your chances of survival go way down. Self-confessed “Big Brother” obsessive Ramses Soto knew all this, but no amount of reasoning was able to get him off the block, and he ended up paying the price for the actions of his commanders.

Like many houseguests before him, Ramses was a casualty of the ongoing penis measuring contest between egomaniacal Paul Abrahamian and dead-eyed Cody Nickson, who returned to the house through a haze of smoke in last week’s Battle Back competition. When Cody’s girlfriend Jessica Graf won the Head of Household competition and the Veto, the pair had all the power to take out whoever they wanted… except, they didn’t.

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Hoping to exterminate perpetual pest Josh Martinez by nominating him next to the easygoing and likable Ramses, “Jody” made a crucial error by giving room for Paul and his allies to flip the vote. It resulted in a week where Josh put on a performance art piece as the dead man walking, sulking and moping around the house, which let’s face it, is not really a stretch for a man who would throw a tantrum if the milk on his cornflakes wasn’t the right temperature.

Somewhere along the way, Jessica sensed things might not be going to plan and considered using the Veto on Ramses, but Cody convinced her she was being overly paranoid. Her suspicions were confirmed, however, when Kevin Schlehuber pulled her aside for a restroom rendezvous and let her know the vote was turning. Kevin’s confession led to last minute panic and a desperate scramble for votes. But it did little to change people’s minds, especially as Cody’s campaigning methods had all the tact of a mob boss shaking down a corner bodega for protection money.

Come eviction night, Paul and his cronies voted to save Josh, sending Ramses home and leaving the once powerful showmance red-faced and angry once again.

ET Canada caught up with Ramses to get his thoughts on life as a pawn, what his plans were going forward, and what he makes of the ongoing Paul vs. Cody drama.

Hey, Ramses! When Jessica put you on the block, you were supposed to be the pawn! Were you confident or did you feel the vote changing throughout the week?

I was never really confident with her putting me on the block. I feel like I brought up a lot of good points with her as to why I shouldn’t be put up on the block. The thing that kind of stopped me from going too crazy on trying to convince them is Jessica and Cody are two minds, and if two minds have already put their minds to something, it’s going to be really hard to change it or convince them otherwise. I tried my best, there might have been a few more points that I could have brought up to them, but I don’t know.

Who do you think was responsible for flipping the vote and why did they choose to keep Josh over you?

I really think Paul and Christmas had a really good influence in getting me out. Christmas has a much better relationship with Josh I believe. And I feel like if Christmas wanted to keep Josh in the game, it would be more beneficial to her. It’s definitely between Christmas and Paul.

It seemed like you were on friendly terms with every houseguest but not part of a solid alliance. What were your plans going forward? Who did you want to align with?

I feel like for my game I really wanted to stay with the couples, maybe solidify something with Mark and Elena. And if they were feeling good about Jess and Cody, maybe working with them as well. Because I did kind of sacrifice myself for them by going on the block which showed a lot of loyalty to Jessica and Cody. I feel like that’s something I would work at and try and keep my relationship with Matt and Raven as well.

What do you make of the Paul v Cody saga and do you think their battle is clouding how other houseguests are playing the game?

That whole thing is just crazy in itself, and I feel like for the other houseguests, it’s like okay these guys are going to go at it, let me stay in the background and choose a side, which is probably Paul’s side. I feel like it’s kind of clouding other people’s game for that reason – they’re two powerhouses that are clashing in the house, and you don’t want to be caught in the crossfire, so you just want to let things happen the way they’re going to happen because they’re such strong players.

As a “Big Brother” superfan, did the experience live up to your expectations?

The experience is so much different. You see “Big Brother” on TV and it’s like OMG the “Big Brother” house, cameras watching you all the time. But you walk in there, and it’s literally you, and it’s every day you in a house with a bunch of other people just living their lives. A normal daily routine. It’s like a daily routine and game talks happening once in a while. In that house, you just do not know what is happening. In a way, you kind of forget you’re playing “Big Brother”, because it doesn’t feel like “Big Brother”, it feels like you’re in a house with a bunch of people.

“Big Brother” airs Sundays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m., on Global.



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