What happens when T.J. Miller takes over a woman’s Tinder account to “look at some potential romantic options” for her?

That’s what the Vanity Fair video, above, set to find out, as the former “Silicon Valley” star assists a woman named Laura in making a love connection on the dating app by swiping for her.

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As you’d expect, Miller’s Tinder takeover results in full-on hilarity when he goofs on users’ bios and photos, but things get really crazy when he begins using Apple’s voice-to-text feature to fire off some hilariously mortifying messages that Laura will no doubt be trying to explain for weeks to come.

For example, one user’s compliment that Laura is “as beautiful as a diamond” leads Miller to reply: “A diamond is a girl’s best friend so that compliment’s my BFF. If you don’t have the money to me in the Duane Reade parking lot by midnight, I will kill!”

Miller — or at least his voice — is featured in “The Emoji Movie”, which was released on Friday.

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