Study Reveals Hollywood Is Still Ignoring Minorities In Movies And TV

Hollywood still has work to do when it comes to properly representing minorities in film and TV.

According to a study by Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, women and minorities are still poorly represented when compared to straight, white male characters.

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The study found that of the minorities underrepresented, the ones the most discounted groups are women, Hispanics and the disabled.

For the nine-year study, they examined characters in movies and TV shows who had visible speaking roles in the top 100 highest grossing movies since 2007. The study also includes those who worked behind-the-scenes on movies, including writers, producers, directors and everything else in between.

“Every year we’re hopeful that we will actually see change. Unfortunately, that hope has not quite been realized,” author Stacy L. Smith, who headed the study, said.

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When it comes to race in film, Hispanic characters were the most underrepresented. Of the speaking roles included in the study, 70.8% were white, 13.6% were black, 5.7% were Asian and 3.1% Hispanic.

“We can’t just talk about females in film anymore. What our data shows most powerfully this year over any other year is the real epidemic of intersectional invisibility in film. If you cross gender with race and ethnicity, you see that the bottom really drops out for females of color on screen,” Smith explained.

With the recent success of movies like “Get Out”, “Hidden Figures”, “Wonder Woman” and, most recently, “Girls Trip”, Hollywood appears to still have a long way to go.



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