Lorde is revealing all of her secrets when it comes to her musical process.

The “Green Light” singer covers the September issue of FASHION and in it, she opens up about the method behind her creative process. When it comes to her latest album”Melodrama”, Lorde said it’s a piece of work she created to challenge herself as an artist.

“I make work to challenge myself. The process is very much about me having a conversation with myself. It’s a very private process, and so I feel like I’ve run a marathon by the time it comes out,” the singer revealed.

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While it’s a private creative process, she’s happy the fans and critics have enjoyed her sophomore album. “I do love that people hear the work; I think I would be sad if people didn’t,” she said.

Lorde is known for her expressive stage presence, hit singles and relatable lyrics, but when it comes to her other musical talents, she admitted to not knowing how to play any instruments.

Credit: Arkan Zakharov/Fashion
Credit: Arkan Zakharov/Fashion

“I’m hyper-musical, but I don’t really play anything. I write the songs with different chords because I know exactly what I want chord-wise, and then I sing out the chords. I’m very musical, just not in the traditional way, I guess,” she revealed.

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When it comes to how Lorde put together her albums, the singer said that it’s about putting down all of her emotions into one very focused piece of work. “It’s about distilling emotions down to their sleekest, shiniest and simplest form. And if you do that successfully, it’s like shooting up the cleanest drug imaginable. It’s not cut with anything; it’s so simple it just goes straight to your brain,” Lorde revealed.

What many of Lorde’s fans love her for is how she has created songs that they can relate to. Whether it’s about a romantic relationship, loving friendship or a trying life experience, her music has always been true and that’s what she strives for.

“The main thing is that you’re the only one who has to go home and still be you and live with what you’ve done that day. And so when it comes to making a decision about something, if people say I should [be] a certain way, I think, ‘You guys get to go home and take off the hat; [but] I never get to take off the hat,” she said.