Marvel And DC Unite To Help Fight Misogynistic Twitter Trolls

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Marvel and DC coming together for a good cause.

On Thursday, one of Marvel’s comic editors, Heather Antos, posted a harmless photo on Twitter of her and the other female Marvel employees enjoying some milkshakes.

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After Antos posted the endearing picture, sexist trolls were unearthed on Twitter and started throwing a barrage of mean and misogynistic comments her way. The male users called Antos and her Marvel colleagues “fake geek girls” and other ludicrous terms as a result of the picture.

Well, when the trolls came out, so did the other Marvel employees. The milkshake crew expanded in another photo posted by Antos, the men and women of Marvel came together.

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Then the unthinkable happened. DC stepped in to support Marvel. That’s right, the two competing comic companies that have never even acknowledge that either exists, banded together to fight off the trolls. DC’s female employees came together and posted their own milkshake photo and shouted out Marvel on Twitter.

We can thank the trolls for bringing Marvel and DC together, once and for all, to help fight misogyny.



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