Gordon Ramsay And James Corden Judge Toddler Chefs In ‘MasterChef Junior Junior’ Spoof

On “MasterChef Junior”, Gordon Ramsay presides over a culinary competition in which aspiring young chefs aged eight to 13 cook up their finest food to be evaluated by Ramsay and his fellow judges.

On Tuesday night’s edition of “The Late Late Show”, Ramsay debuted a sneak peek at his latest entry in the “MasterChef” franchise, “MasterChef Junior Junior”, in which toddlers demonstrate their cooking ability.

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Joined by “Late Late Show” host James Corden in the hilarious spoof, Ramsay and Corden sampled some of the dishes prepared by the youngsters, featuring such ingredients as raw meat, sprinkles, Play-doh, and toy cars.

“Right now I need you to be a big boy, okay?” said Ramsay — not to one of the children, but to Corden, doubled over on his knees as he clutches his stomach. “I just ate a Lego,” the host explained.

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Later in the show, Ramsay joined Corden on the “Late Late Show” couch, where Corden reminded him of an appearance he made on Ramsay’s “The F Word” that involved eating a disgusting fish eye in exchange for a dinner.

Corden’s parents, in the audience, reminded him that he never did get that dinner, leading Corden to serve his guest a heaping helping of slimy revenge. Watch:

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