Revealed: The Queen Drinks Four Cocktails A Day

Queen Elizabeth lives life to the fullest, and good food and strong drinks are of course a part of that.

Food and Wine recently put together some facts about the Queen’s drinking habits, which feature four—that’s right, four!—cocktails each day.

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According to the information compiled, the Queen starts her day with a breakfast, and then just before lunch sips down a gin-and-Dubonnet cocktail with a slice of lemon and lots of ice.

For lunch, she will usually eat a simple meal of veggies and fish, finishing off with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate.

Also at lunch (say, 1 p.m.) the Queen takes pleasure in a dry gin martini, according to her cousin Margaret Rhodes. No word on whether she likes the martini shaken or stirred.

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Finally, the Queen likes to have a glass of champagne before dozing off, a fact The Independent points out puts Her Majesty at six units of alcohol per day. That makes her a binge drinker under British government standards, but given the way she spaces out those drinks over numerous meals, and that she’s healthy and spritely at the fine age of 91, the Queen must be doing something right.



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