Tara Reid may be the most famous star of the “Sharknado” franchise, but it turns out her salary doesn’t reflect that.

According to a new Hollywood Reporter story on the “Sharknado” films, Reid, who plays April in the series, only makes a quarter of what her co-star Ian Ziering gets paid on each installment.

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For example, THR says the budget for the upcoming “Sharknado 5” is $3 million, about twice as much as the original TV movie, and that Ziering makes $500,000 per film. That would put Reid at a salary of $125,000 for each film.

The article had also suggested that when Reid brought the disparity to the series’ producers, SyFy network responded by creating a social media campaign to see whether #AprilLives or #AprilDies. Fans overwhelmingly voted that the character should live, and a source told People that the social campaign was not related to the salary negotiations.

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Another point of contention for Reid is the series’ obsession with bringing on guest stars for cameos.

“I think ‘Sharknado’ cares more about their ‘extra of the day’ than they do about their own cast,” Reid said. “You work at something for five years and you don’t get treated as well as someone who shows up for a single day?”

The Sharknado series has featured everyone from Fabio to Clay Aiken. Apparently, they even tried to have Donald Trump guest star as the President of the United States before he even announced his candidacy for office.