Did you smell what The Rock was cookin’ on SNL last night? Laughs!

The WWE superstar-turned-big-screen-action-hero made his fourth appearance as host last night (which puts him only one away from joining the Five-Timers Club), and he did not disappoint.

The show kicked off with a cold open in which U.S. President Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) is meeting with Republican opponents, until their annoying, exasperating behaviour brings out another side of the Commander in Chief: The Rock Obama.

In his monologue, Dwayne showed us his musical side by singing a song devoted to his reputation for being “franchise Viagra,”; with his presence in a movie sequel boosting the box office:

Following the success of “Cinderella’, this sketch places Dwayne and pals such as Vin Diesel in Disney’s next live-action remake of a classic cartoon: “Bambi’, with Dwayne playing the disgruntled deer as he enlists his woodland pals to pick up automatic weapons and seek revenge on the hunters who killed Bambi’s mother.

Easily the night’s funniest sketch saw the former wrestler return to a familiar scenario as a grappler shooting a promo for Wrestlemania. Unlike The Rock, this wrestler doesn’t seem to quite grasp how these promos are supposed to work.

Cecily Strong stole this sketch as the hilariously British accented girlfriend of a guy who crashes a couple’s anniversary dinner, recognizing a fellow with whom he once served on a jury. Try to keep a straight face when Cecily’s character decides to order some “nibbles.

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