Lena Dunham Takes Stand Against Transphobic American Airlines Staff

Lena Dunham spent a frustrating night at JFK airport in New York on Wednesday, waiting for a flight that was delayed by four hours. It’s a pain we all know too well, and Dunham had some fun sharing her observations of the waiting area on Twitter.

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But it wasn’t just fun and games for Dunham when she overheard unpleasant chatter from some American Airlines staff who were referring to trans people as a “trend.”

To their credit, American Airlines were quick to get in contact with Dunham, tweeting her back.

Dunham DM’d the company and then shared screenshots of the conversation.

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The action by Dunham to curb transphobic abuse by the airline’s staff was applauded by many people on Twitter.

No word yet on whether Dunham is still stuck at the airport.



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