Halle Berry is getting payback on her “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” co-star Channing Tatum on “Live! With Kelly And Ryan”.

After Tatum challenged the Oscar-winning actress to chug a pint of bourbon on stage in front of thousands of fans at Comic-Con, Berry turned the tables on his wife, Jenna Dewan on Thursday, daring her to do the same. The dancer/actress was filling in for Kelly Ripa as guest host of “Live!”.

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“Your husband dared me to drink a pint of bourbon at Comic-Con,” she tells Dewan who acknowledges she heard of the dare. “I heard this. I would say I’m surprised, but I’m not that surprised. But you did it, which makes you so awesome!” she says, not realizing Berry is about to challenge her. “I did do it. And guess what? You’re gonna do it, too,” Berry says, revealing a glass hidden behind her. “If he can dare me, I can dare you.”

“Done and done,” Dewan replies. “I love this. This is typical. I’m getting his payback right now. This is okay, though. I’m into this… Nothing like a 9 a.m. whiskey chug.” Co-host Ryan Seacrest confirmed it was in fact a glass of whiskey, wishing his guest host “good luck.”

True to her word, Dewan downed the strong liquor on the morning talk show. “I’m gonna have real fun doing the interview now,” she jokes.

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The meeting of the actresses is a match made in heaven for Tatum, who couldn’t wait for Dewan to meet his “Kingsman” co-star.

“It’s funny, too… In the 12 years of knowing Chan, he has never come back after a movie, because you guys just did ‘Kingsman’ together, and said, ‘You’ve got to meet somebody,'” she explains, excitedly. “He like friend-matched us. I know not to do that awkwardly on the air, but we’re supposed to be friends, according to Chan. He loves you so much. He’s like, ‘She’s amazing,’ even though he makes you chug bourbon.”

From the sounds of it, Tatum and Berry have the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

“Only he could get me to do that,” Berry says, adding, “Honestly, I don’t know if I would’ve done it if anybody else asked me.”