Emmy Award-winning actress Adrienne Frantz is suing for $5 million after being bitten by a dog while filming a scene for a movie in Ottawa.

Frantz, now 39, was shooting a love scene with Canadian actor John Cor on the set of “The Perfect Girlfriend” when the dog attacked her in 2014.

In an interview with The Ottawa Citizen, “The Young and the Restless” star’s lawyer, Robyn Wishart, described the alleged severity of the incident: “She was filming the love scene and was in a passionate embrace with the male lead when the dog ran up the stairs and knocked the male lead off of Ms. Frantz and then bit her in the face.”

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The dog was allegedly no stray. It is said to be an untrained Boston Terrier that had a role in the movie. The dog bite allegedly had severe consequences for Frantz. The actress was three months pregnant and opted to not get a tetanus shot in fear of harming her unborn child.

Frantz suffered a miscarriage less than two weeks after the bite, as well as post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and Graves’ disease, her lawyer said.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” actress accuses Ontario-based film production company, NB Thrilling Films 4 Inc., of being negligent in its handling of the dog and failing to keep Frantz safe.

In a statement of defence, the production company concedes that a dog “incident” took place, but insists Frantz was not seriously or permanently injured.

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NB Thrilling Films 4 Inc,’s lawyer, Pasquale Santini, says pictures of Frantz online showed “no scarring or skin imperfections of any kind” on her right cheek and that she “ought to have known that dogs can be unpredictable and that there was a risk associated with such unpredictability.”

Frantz’s lawyer argued, “She wasn’t expecting to be attacked by a dog on set, or to choose between a tetanus shot and her baby. And what we say is that it triggered something called Graves’ disease, a thyroid condition that can be caused by a trauma.”

The allegations have yet to be discussed in court.