‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Iwan Rheon Reveals The Secret Behind Gruesome Death Scene


“Game of Thrones” star Iwan Rheon played one of the most awful villains in the show’s history, and he got a gloriously gruesome death scene to match.

On Wednesday, Rheon revealed the secret behind the sequence in which his character Ramsay Bolton is eaten by his own dogs.

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The memorable scene from last season was satisfying, but hard to watch. Obviously Rheon didn’t actually have his face eaten by dogs, but it turns out there weren’t even any dogs around!

Rheon joked that because it was the last scene he shot, he “did suspect they would actually let it happen for real.”

In truth, it would have been dangerous to be “anywhere near any dogs,” Rheon said. “I walked in, and I saw the dogs, and I think it was a couple of seasons previous, it was the same dogs, I was like, ‘hi doggy!’ and they were like, don’t look the dog in the eye!”

“They’re not like pets, they’re guard dogs, they’re trained to be vicious, really, and they only listen to their owner, so if you have eye contact with them they take that as a direct threat. So I wasn’t allowed to be anywhere near these dogs,” Rheon explained. “So it’s all CGI.”

There may have been one shot where there was an actual dog behind Rheon in a cage, but other than that, he never got close to any of the dogs.

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Rheon also talked to Kimmel about his upcoming series “Marvel’s Inhumans”, based on the comic book series. In the show, Rheon plays Maximus, a complicated villain whose ideas may not be so crazy. The character lives on the moon, but the show is shot in beautiful Hawaii, despite taking place almost entirely indoors.



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