Steve Harvey Says That His Viral Staff Memo Was A Learning Lesson

Following the announcement of his upcoming daytime talk show “Steve”, comedian and host Steve Harvey is setting the record straight.

After the staff memo that went viral didn’t put him in the best light, Harvey addressed it at the Television Critics Association on Thursday.

Earlier this year, a staff memo from Harvey on his Chicago-based talk show, “The Steve Harvey Show”, was released that revealed he had a few rules for those working with him. In the memo, he noted that no one was allowed to come to his dressing room unless they were invited. The staff was also forbidden from approaching him while Harvey was in his makeup chair unless they were spoken to by him.

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“I learned two things from that email…I can’t write and I should never write. It was something I wrote a year ago and someone didn’t get a job coming to LA and they got pissed,” Harvey admitted.

Harvey said he thought the e-mail was “cute” but sees why not everyone else did. “I was OK until I saw it on CNN and that’s when I know I was in a lot of trouble. The email was out there and it wasn’t a big deal to me at all. I’m not a mean-spirited guy — I’m a very congenial guy to people who know me,” Harvey continued.

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Looking forward, Harvey said that his plans for his new daytime show are to bring a late night feel to daytime television.

“The big difference here and the reason for moving to L.A. is I wanted to bring late night TV to daytime. I think that’s what’s missing after doing daytime for five years. Takeaway is not what daytime TV needs anymore. People just need to laugh in the middle of the day, and I’ve kind of been restricted from that over the past five years…that’s the big difference in the show,” Harvey said.





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