Liam Gallagher Blames Vocal Issues For Short Lollapalooza Set

With Lollapalooza getting underway, it seems everything was off to a smooth start.

When Liam Gallagher started his set, things took a turn. Gallagher’s set lasted only 20 minutes and was cut short after the former Oasis frontman performed just four songs.

The singer’s set for the festival was expected to last at least one hour but was suddenly cut short for no reason.

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On Thursday, Gallagher took to Twitter after his set came to an earlier than expected end. The singer apologized to the fans who came out to see him at the festival in Chicago and blamed it on vocal issues:

Fans immediately took to Twitter after Gallagher walked off and shared their disappointment with the short set:

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And this one fan had a very memorable sign:

Lollapalooza continues throughout the weekend with performances from Chance the Rapper, Lorde and Arcade Fire.




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