Sophie Turner Reveals That She Got A Role Over Another Actress Because Of Her Social Media Following

The award goes to … the actor with the biggest social media following.

In a new interview with Porter Magazine, “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner reveals that she once got a role over another actress because of her followers on social media.

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Turner boasts a large following. With 1.35 million Twitter followers, 5.4 million Instagram followers, and 2 million Facebook followers, Turner has a huge social influence.

“A lot of what I have achieved is about timing and luck, but it is also, and I hate to say it, about a big social media following,” she told Porter.

“I auditioned for a project and it was between me and another girl who is a far better actress than I am, far better, but I had the followers, so I got the job. It’s not right, but it is part of the movie industry now,” she revealed.

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In addition to social media, appearance also plays a big part in casting. Turner reveals she’s been told to lose weight for roles when it wasn’t necessary. “There are often times when I have done jobs and they’ve told me that I have to lose weight, even when it has nothing to do with the character,” Turner continued

Adjusting to fame was hard for her at first, but she says that she has slowly become accustomed to it. “It was so gradual that I still treated my life and my social media like I wasn’t in the public eye,” she revealed.



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