Sheryl Crow Responds To Kid Rock Senate Run Backlash With New Song, ‘Dude, I’m Still Alive’

Kid Rock’s announcement that he would run for 2018 U.S. Senate has sent many eyes rolling over on Twitter and has even drawn one particular user to bring his former collaborator and rumoured ex-girlfriend into the mix.

“Oh man, @SherylCrow must be rolling in her grave right now…,” user Tuna Ketchup wrote in response to the Republican rocker’s political announcement last month.

After generating over 600 retweets, the comment prompted Crow to confirm her existence, with a reply that has since been shared nearly 93,000 times.

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Crow also went the extra mile in recording an accompanying song, which she named after her viral tweet. “Hi, we happen to be in the studio when we saw this whole big thing about Kid Rock running for Senate and me rolling in my grave, and I’m actually not,” she said before launching into the “goofy” song.

“If Kid Rock runs for Senate/ I wouldn’t be surprised/ But not over my dead body/ Cause Dude I’m still alive,” Crow sings in a live studio recording of the song.

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Kid Rock has yet to respond to Crow or the Twittersphere’s backlash.

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