Tim Gunn is renowned as an arbiter of style, and the always fashionable “Project Runway” star appeared on Friday’s “Tonight Show” so host Jimmy Fallon could recruit him to offer fashion tips for President Donald Trump.

“Can you give him any style tips at all?” Fallon asked Gunn while displaying a photo of the president in his standard attire of dark suit and long red tie. “I think he needs some help ’cause I have a couple of issues,” said Fallon. “Don’t mince words.”

Gunn did not. “Here’s my issue, and it’s plain and simple: His suit is entirely too big, it’s entirely too boxy, and I have to tell you, look at where the hem of the jacket lands relative to his hands,” he said. “It’s easily four inches too long… he’s practically wearing a tunic.”

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Quipped Fallon: “He’s basically walking around in a bathrobe! This is his thing!”

Gunn fired back with a zinger: “It might suit him when he’s hospitalized for mental incompetence.”

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