Van Halen shut down Hollywood Boulevard last night to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but things did not go as planned when some over-enthusiastic microphone-wielding caused front man David Lee Rot to exit the stage because, as he put it, he “****ed my nose up.”;

As the band kicked into its 1984 megahit “Panama,”; Roth abruptly ran offstage, leaving Eddie Van Halen and the rest of the band to do some aimless, improvised jamming in the interim.

Ever the trouper, he returned a few moments later with a large bandage on his nose.

“I ****ed my nose up on the microphone,”; admitted Diamond Dave. “We’re gonna start the whole thing all over for ya.”;

“How do I look?”; he asked, and then answered his own question: “Like ****in’ Hiawatha.”;

The whole incident can be seen in this fan-shot video:

As promised, the band started over from scratch. Here’s what viewers at home saw:

Then came a little “Runnin’ With the Devil”;:

Van Halen will be back to play a few more oldies gut goodies on tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.