It takes a special kind of superstar to score mononym status, but Reba is that level of an entertainment phenomenon.

ET Canada“s Cheryl Hickey was able to score a special sit-down with the country music legend and the two chatted about family, friendship and Ms. McEntire continuing to shine as she enters her 60s.

“When I turned 50, that was like, ‘ hmm I’m pretty cool with this. I made it to 50, you know? I’m really glad.’ And then when you hit the 60’s —which I will Saturday— I’m really comfortable in my own skin. And I’m not so quick to try.. or I don’t try as hard to impress other people or please other people,”; shared Reba ahead of her March 28 birthday. “If I’m comfortable with it and I have a good feeling in my gut about it, everything’s okay. I don’t stress about stuff like I used to.”;

At 60, Reba’s an entertainer with six grandkids to be proud of. The latest addition? Kelly Clarkson and (Reba’s stepson) Brandon Blackstock’s new bundle of joy River Rose. The fiery-haired hitmaker had no trouble heaping affection on the nine-month-old.

“She’s a cutie pie!”; declares the beaming grandma. “She just smiles all the time! She went through a phase though, every time I would come up to her and say, ‘hey River how ya doing?’ She would just tune up and start crying!”;

Reba also offered some details on what it was like to have Brandon dating (and eventually marrying) her pal Kelly.

“I was very protective of Kelly,”; explains Reba. “I did not want her to get her heart broken because she wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s a very big hearted person. What you see is what you get with Kelly and I was very.. uhh I would have clobbered Brandon if he had hurt her in anyway.”;

Thankfully, there was no clobbering required.

Tune in to ET Canada tonight for more of our exciting interview with the one and only Reba. Cheryl Hickey gets the scoop on Reba’s feelings on Vegas and how she and hubby Narvel Blackstock have maintained a marvellous quarter-century (and counting) marriage.