Liam Payne Plays With Puppies And Looks Back On One Direction

This is just too cute for words.

In a new interview with BuzzFeed, Liam Payne sat down with a bunch of puppies to answer some questions about One Direction, his solo career and more. Payne talking about One Direction while holding adorable puppies? Dreams do come true.

When asked if One Direction will ever reunite, Payne said there is some hope for them to come back together in the future. “Yes, I think we will reunite at some point in the future. We have to, I mean we’ve got an album we haven’t even toured yet, and I want to write some more songs as well with the boys,” he admitted.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

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When it comes to the One Direction member he’d most like to collaborate with, Payne said that he and Zayn Malik could do something fun together. “I think I would collaborate best with Zayn because we do really similar types of music. And I would like our music video to be right here with these puppies, because this is too much fun right now,” he said.

Speaking of One Direction, Payne’s favourite memory from his career so far is when the group played Madison Square Garden.

“We popped out of the floor and it was just the most amazing feeling ever, knowing that we were in Madison Square Garden. And our album — we’d just broke the record for debuting at #1 on the charts, so that was a real fun memory of mine,” he shared.

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Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed — Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

With Harry Styles branching out into acting and starring in Christopher Nolan’s movie “Dunkirk”, Payne admitted he’s not surprised that Styles caught the acting bug and that’s why he congratulated him on the film on Twitter. According to Payne, Styles is suited for it.

“I think honestly he’s really, really suited to the job, and Harry’s really good at what he does. And I wanted to congratulate him on his massive moment! Like, being in a Christopher Nolan action film — how amazing! Super cool,” he said.

For fans looking forward to his upcoming solo album, Payne revealed the album will feature a collection of different genres. “There’s some ballads, there’s some hip-hop songs, there’s some more dance music. So I think there’s a really varied mix of different things that we have,” Payne revealed.





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