Rachel McAdams’ Character From ‘Mean Girls’ Has A Real Life Twin

Regina George may have not wanted fetch to happen, but she can’t stop her twin from apparently existing.

In “Mean Girls”, Rachel McAdams plays the movie’s iconic villain Regina George. With her long blonde hair and ice cold delivery, it’s hard to picture anyone else besides McAdams playing the character. Well, it appears there is another Regina George in this world.

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Twitter is currently obsessed with a user named April who shared her school pictures. In the photos she bears a striking resemblance to the fictional character from the 2004 teen comedy:

BuzzFeed got in touch with the Regina George doppelganger and she doesn’t really see the resemblance but she’s flattered.

“I don’t necessarily agree with the comparison just because my hair is naturally curly, but in the picture maybe I look like her a little bit. I find the comparison quite funny!” she said.

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Well, that hasn’t stopped Twitter from becoming obsessed with her uncanny resemblance:




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