Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Go To Camp In ‘Tonight Show’ Sketch

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon reunited for one hilarious sketch.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”, Timberlake, 36, stopped by to appear in the sketch “Camp Winnipesaukee”.

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In the sketch, which featured some hilarious cameos from Keegan-Michael Key and Billy Crystal, the two played friends away at camp.

They played a game of two truths and a lie and sang along to some ’80s classics until their camp counsellor, played by Key, came by to yell at them for making too much noise.

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It’s not a sketch with Timberlake and Fallon if one of them doesn’t break. Timberlake laughed so hard during it that he had to hide his face under a blanket.

Eventually, Timberlake pulled it together to continue the sketch and then Crystal showed up as one of their fellow campers. The three sang Gloria Estefan‘s “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” to help them get to sleep. Or to help them dance.



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