Robert Pattinson Covers GQ’s September Issue, Talks About Fame, ‘Twilight’, And Peeing Outdoors

Robert Pattinson graces the cover of GQ‘s September issue and inside he talks about how he purposely changed his own career after “Twilight”.

In his new movie, “Good Time”, Pattinson returns to the big screen for the first time in years. According to him, after his time playing Edward Cullen came to an end, he decided against doing big, CGI-heavy movies anymore because he wasn’t made for them.

“I think you have to have a specific type of confidence to be in those movies,” he admits. Instead, Pattinson decided to go the indie route and work with different directors on unique and original scripts.  “I want to disappear into a role,” he says.

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When Pattinson looks back at his time in “Twilight” and the fandom that surrounded it, he admits that the exposure at times was too much.

“People were like, ‘It’s fine, who cares? They’re just photos or whatever.’ They’ll say ‘Just live your life.’ But that’s not life for me if someone’s observing it,” he explains. The fame became so much that Pattinson reveals he would have friends call Ubers for him, he’d switch clothes with his friends to throw off the paparazzi, and even ride in the trunks of cars.

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Pattinson explains that as the fame continued and the paparazzi refused to leave him alone, he persisted in making sure they tired of him. “As soon as I saw a tail, I would just disappear again. It worked after a while. They’re just like, ‘Oh, the guy is just a hassle.’ Pattinson says.

“There are ways to disappear, like, fairly easily. But you have to be living a quite strange life. It just involves effort, and most people can’t really be bothered to put the effort in.”

Making independent movies has allowed Pattinson to feel free in the wildest of ways. While filming his movie “The Rover” in a very small town in Australia, Pattinson felt so liberated to be able to pee in public without fearing the repercussions. “I know no one can see this,” he thought in the moment.



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