Josh Brolin had zero interest in travelling to Pandora for James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequel and the director was none-too-pleased.

“If I don’t want to do ‘Avatar’, I’m not going to do ‘Avatar’,” the actor explains in a new interview with Esquire. While Brolin may have been fine with passing on the part, Cameron allegedly didn’t take the news so well, creating a rift between the two.

“James Cameron’s f***ing calling me this name and that name. Whatever,” he says. The 49-year-old actor is known for being candid, revealing turning down “Avatar” caused so much tension, the director called the actor after he made his decision known. “If James Cameron came to me and said, ‘Hey, man, why’d you say that?’ I’d go, ‘Because it happened?'” says Brolin.

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Turning down the part in “Avatar 2” – which has yet to begin filming – seems to have had little effect on Brolin’s career. He’s currently filming “Deadpool 2” as Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, will return as Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” and will next be seen in the firefighter drama “Only The Brave”. His recent roles have given him a reason to be excited.

“I’m having more fun and I’m acting more than I ever have in my life,” he says openly. “In the morning, it’s like I’ve taken half a cup of coffee and half a cup of liquid LSD and I’m tripping all day. And then there’s no consequence and I actually get paid for it.”

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Aside from his career, there’s one other thing that gets Brolin going: Instagram. He admits he absolutely loves sharing photos of stuff that “matters” including candid shots of his children, his dad James Brolin and stepmom Barbra Streisand.

“I love it. I have no shame. I’m not trying to pimp my career with it. I just don’t give a s***. It’s stuff that matters to me,” he admits.

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