Victoria Beckham Reportedly Seeks Legal Advice After Her Image Used In Pizza Ad

Victoria Beckham is reportedly taking legal advice after a fish and chips restaurant brands her as an “anorexic fashion icon,” and compares its thin pizza crusts to her body frame.

Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips in Battle Hill, North Tyneside, declares its pizza crusts are thinner than the former Spice Girl on an advertisement on the back of its delivery fan.

A caricature of Beckham has a sash draped over her body that reads “Anorexic Fashion Icon,” and pointing to her body is the phrase, “This Is not thin!” while the words “This Is thin!” are pointing to a pizza. The top of the ad reads, “Our new Victoria Beckham Thin Crust only 2 mm thin!”

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“It is highly inappropriate to trivialize such a disorder and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way,” a spokesperson for Beckham said, reported by The Telegraph. “Therefore, we are taking legal advice.”

The manager of the shop, Soni Sidhu, wrote a statement on the restaurant’s Facebook page: “I as the manager and on the behalf of all our staff and owners would like to state we recognize how serious eating disorders are and would never make light the seriousness of people with eating disorders.”

He continued: “We would like our customers and all people in general to take our advertising in context… We are not a fly by night business trying to make a quick buck. Anorexia and any mental illness are very serious.”

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The restaurant came under fire after a spokesperson for the eating disorders charity Beat, said:  “At Beat, the U.K.’s eating disorder charity, we work for a society where those with eating disorders are free of stigma and misunderstanding. We still have a way to go, but recently, mental health has taken a step forward with lots of good work achieved by charities and media outlets.”

“This advertisement is completely inappropriate; it trivializes the struggles people with eating disorders face and compromises the steps that have been taken to increase understanding of eating disorders.”



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