Leslie Jones And Varys Become BFFs During ‘Game Of Thrones’ Viewing Party

Varys’ little birds informed him of some mischief on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

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Conleth Hill, the man behind “Game of Thrones”‘ resident eunuch Varys, strolled into a segment of “Game of Jones” with Leslie Jones and Meyers. The SNL alum and current cast member got together for a little “GoT” action, providing live commentary on the most recent episode of HBO’s megalodon drama.

Jones and Meyers shared plenty of laughs as Jones expressed her sexual fantasies with Littlefinger and how Bran is always stoned. Things took an epic turn, however, when Jones started questioning Varys motives in the show.

In strolled Hill in full “GoT” attire, much to Jones’ excitement. “Oh my God, this is so cool!” she screamed. “I was saying that you can’t trust your ass, but you know sh— that you not telling everybody.”

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By the end of the segment Jones had achieved pro-level friendship goals, holding Varys’ hand and telling him, “Varys, that’s okay if you don’t have a penis, I still love you.”

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