Katy Perry Talks Feeling Liberated And Crying To Her Own Songs

Katy Perry graces the cover of W magazine’s September 2017 issue where she talks to the publication about a number of topics, including loving life with short hair and how sometimes her own songs make her upset.

“I feel so liberated with this hair now,” the 32-year-old singer told the mag. “In general, I feel 360-degrees liberated—all around. Whether it’s politically, mentally, spiritually, sexually. I feel liberated from all the things that don’t serve me. I’m surrendering and embracing my 30s.”

She continued: “You couldn’t give me anything to go back to my 20s. To get to this place, I had to do some much-needed work on my heart, soul, mind, and body. Since doing that, a lot of beautiful things started to bloom again.”

The “Bon Appetit” hitmaker debuted her new look back in March, posting a selfie on her Instagram page. During her livestream to promote her new album, “Witness”, Perry revealed in a therapy session part of the reason for her hair change: “I so badly want to be Katheryn Hudson [the singer’s real name] that I don’t even want to look like Katy Perry anymore sometimes, and that is a little bit of why I cut my hair.”

Photo: W Magazine
Photo: W Magazine

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W also asked Perry if she ever cries at her own songs. “I have,” she answered. “My songs are so personal. Sometimes they are about people who are no longer in my life, or they’re about unrequited love. I started out on tour last time and I couldn’t perform a couple of the songs on the record because I was just too upset.”

The 2017 VMA host also talked about letting go and life on tour. “I feel both very overwhelmed and loved when I’m on tour. People take the time, energy, and money to come see me. That connection is such a beautiful thing,” she said.

“It’s so amazing to see everyone let their guard down and sing one of my songs from the bottom of their lungs—they’ll let go for a second. That’s a brave thing: We just don’t let go anymore.”

You can read the full interview at WMagazine.com. Perry will host the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, which take place on Aug. 27.



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