Channing Tatum Busts Some ‘Magic Mike’ Moves In Gas Station Convenience Store

The clerk at a gas station convenience store learned to believe in magic — “Magic Mike”, that is — after star Channing Tatum paid a visit and served up a sexy surprise.

In a six-minute video Tatum posted on his Facebook page, the star drops into the convenience store of a Sunoco station convenience store in Statesville, North Carolina, where he meets Beatrice, who works behind the counter. Tatum chats with Beatrice and entertains customers during his unexpected visit to the store.

“Lock up the Sunoco and let’s go!” Tatum tells Beatrice before turning on some music and dancing with Beatrice, delivering some of his best “Magic Mike”-style stripper moves.

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“Nothin’ better than a little dance party,” Tatum wrote in his post. “Thank you, Beatrice.”

So far, Tatum’s video has been viewed more than 12 million times. Watch:

According to the Morganton News Herald, Tatum has been making his way through South Carolina to promote his new film, “Logan Lucky”, the story of two brothers who pull off a daring heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.

Tatum has been documenting his unique promotional trip on Twitter, sharing photos and videos of his adventures as he hits the road. “Most fun I’ve ever had promoting a film,” he writes on Twitter.

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