Chris Pratt and Anna Faris shocked fans by announcing they were separating, but a reliable source claims the couple is still living together — and this friend of the pair is hopeful they’ll reconcile.

Patti Stanger, star of “Million Dollar Matchmaker”, appeared on Facebook Live with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima, who asked her to weigh in on the recent breakup.

“This is really hard because I’m close to them,” said Stanger in the video, above (her comments about Pratt and Faris begin just after the nine-minute mark). “I’m upset about it. The day it happened I actually texted them.”

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As Stanger explained, she’s as baffled by the couple’s split as the rest of us. “I don’t know what happened there,” she told Zima, revealing that Pratt is still living in the couple’s home.

“He’s still living in the house. Let’s pray it turns around,” she added.

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“You can turn it around if you’ve got deep love there,” she continued. “I want them to get back together. I’m not fixing them up, I would be the counsellor in between and go, ‘What really is the issue here?'”

On August 6, Pratt and Faris announced they were legally separating after eight years of marriage, and Stanger admitted that news of the split hit her hard. “I really want them to get back together,” she said. “That upset me a lot, because that was my favourite couple.”

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Admitting she doesn’t know the reasons behind the breakup, Stanger dismisses rumours that Pratt’s career eclipsing that of his wife had something to do with it. She does, however, speculate that distance between the two may have been a contributing factor.

“It could be that he’s not in town with her, she’s raising [their four-year-old son, Jack] alone, and there could be issues with that,” she explained.

“They’re very grounded and down to earth,” she added, addressing the couple directly: “I just love you both and I just pray that it’s going to work out.”

Faris and Pratt’s rep addressed Stranger’s comments in a statement obtained by ET Canada. ”Patti Stanger is not an authorized spokesperson for Anna and Chris and her comments [about their marital status and personal life] are invalid.”

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