Media Outlets Apologize For False Claims About Sarah Ferguson And Princess Diana

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, gets the apology she feels is deserved.

The National Enquirer and Radar Online have apologized for publishing a headline reading “Fergie demands $$ to dish on Diana!” in May. Belfast-based libel lawyer Paul Tweed confirmed a settlement was reached in a case brought by Ferguson, according to The Irish News.

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The Duchess of York went after the publisher of the National Enquirer with litigation centred on false allegations. The report from tabloid media suggested she was willing to trade info about the late Princess Diana in return for financial compensation.

Radar Online admitted fault in a post on their website. “On May 15 2017, we published an article under the headline ‘Fergie demands $$ to dish on Diana!’ We now unreservedly accept that the suggestion that Sarah, Duchess of York, is or has been willing to provide personal information about Princess Diana for financial reward is without foundation,” the statement reads.

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“The Duchess has not, either herself or through a representative acting on her instruction, sought or agreed to give an interview about her friendship with Princess Diana in return for payment. We sincerely apologize to the Duchess for our error.”

Tweed said the Duchess appreciated the “comprehensive and categoric” retraction and apology. He also confirmed more inquiries would be made to discover the source of other false information about Fergie.

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