Dwayne Johnson Shares Love For Vancouver: ‘One Of My Favourite Cities In The World’

“The Rock” knows where it’s at.

Dwayne Johnson shared his love for the city of Vancouver on Instagram. The multiple time WWE champion-turned-Hollywood megastar is in the Canadian city filming his new movie “Skyscraper”.

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“Just gotta show you guys this view,” Johnson said in a video selfie with a backdrop of Vancouver’s skyline. “It is spectacular of one of my favourite cities in the world, Vancouver, Canada.”

The statement wasn’t just a passive compliment, as “The Rock” elaborated on how much of an impact the city has had on his career and life. “Look, I’ve dropped my blood and sweat in this city, wrestled multiple matches in this city, shot big movies in this city,” he explained.

“But one thing that a lot of people don’t know that I wanna share with you guys is that, when I was 22 years old, I came to this city for the first time. I was playing in the Canadian Football League, playing my first pro football game. I was playing for the Calgary Stampeders; we were playing the BC Lions.”

“I was so excited. Two days later, I got cut,” he chuckled. “So dreams shattered, sent home with seven bucks in my pocket. I was like, ‘Wait, no! I’ve gotta play in the NFL eventually! Those are my big goals; that’s my dream!’”

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“You gotta get up, you gotta have faith that the one thing you wanted to happen oftentimes is the best thing that never happened,” Johnson wrapped up. “So have faith and just keep that in mind and keep plugging away.”

Johnson’s new movie “Skyscraper” is expected to premiere in summer 2018.



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