Cara Delevingne On Being A Role Model: ‘I Have An Opportunity To Really Be There For Them And Help’

Cara Delevingne is the cover star for Elle UK’s September issue and inside, the model-turned-actress talks about being a role model for her young fans and the inspiration behind her debut novel “Mirror Mirror”.

Growing up, Delevingne had to learn how to express her feelings properly and admits it has been a work in progress for her. “Probably as a teenager, especially with school and not giving yourself a break…that was the biggest lesson I had to learn: to communicate my emotions properly. I’m still learning how to do that,” she explains.

Credit: Elle UK/Kai Z Feng
Credit: Elle UK/Kai Z Feng

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“It felt like I was completely alone and I couldn’t express myself because I felt ashamed of my emotions. I want to make sure that kids realize that emotions and vulnerability are important and should be spoken about,” she continues.

Feeling that way as a teen has given her a connection to her younger fans now, which is part of the reason why she wrote the novel.

“I’ve always had this wonderful connection with teenagers. Just having girls message me being like, ‘I’m really dealing with the pressure of my thoughts, my friends, eating disorders.’ That kind of thing, where I was like, I have an opportunity to really be there for them and help… be a voice for teens and be honest as to how I suffered as a teenager,” Delevingne says.

Credit: Elle UK/Kai Z Feng
Credit: Elle UK/Kai Z Feng

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The book revolves around a group of friends, Red, Leo, Naima, and Rose, who face a huge tragedy when Naima dies. Following the death, they all cope with the loss in different ways and try to figure out why Naima only left behind the word “sorry” for them. “That life is a beautiful mixture of wonderful disaster, but to truly love yourself is so important,” the author reveals about her book.

For Delevingne, being a role model is an important thing for her because she wants kids to have someone to look up to. “When you’re a teenager you’re all looking for someone to idolize. Seeing the effect people like me have on teenagers now has made me conscious of kids having strong, positive role models who are trying to do good outside of themselves,” she reveals.

Read the full interview in the September issue of Elle UK, on sale August 15.



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