Naomi Watts Performs A Split For Jimmy Fallon On ‘Tonight’

Naomi Watts dropped by “The Tonight Show” on Friday to promote her latest film, “The Glass Castle”, and wound up demonstrating some heretofore unknown gymnastic abilities.

During the interview with host Jimmy Fallon, Watts related an anecdote about celebrating Nicole Kidman’s Emmy nomination for “Big Little Lies” by joining her longtime friend for a girls’ night out.

At some point in the evening, the pair decided to hit the dance floor, she explained.

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“We were in an intimate setting and everyone knows each other well and trusts each other,” she told Fallon. “Next thing you know, there’s some music involved and we did some dancing.”

After Fallon asked her about some of the dance moves they executed, Watts praised her pal’s skills. “She’s a good dancer,” she told Fallon.

One of Watts’ signature dance moves, she explained, was the split, and she obliged Fallon’s request to perform it for her, which can be seen toward the end of the video, above.

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