Phillip Phillips Releases First Single Since ‘American Idol’ Legal Battle

Phillip Phillips was well on his way to becoming one of the most successful “American Idol” alums after winning season 11 of the TV music competition, but his rising career was put on hold when he was sued for millions by 19 Entertainment, which produces “Idol”.

Back in 2015, Phillips filed a petition with the California Labor Commissioner to release him from his contract with 19 Entertainment, alleging he was being “constantly manipulated” into taking on jobs that benefitted the company and not him; the company fired back by suing him for $6 million, alleging breach of contract.

With the lawsuit finally settled in June 2017, the path was cleared for Phillips to return to doing what he does best, and the result is the new single “Miles”, his first new music in three years.

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“It has been a tough three years, but it feels so good to have this song out,” Phillips, 26, tells People. “We have so much more to come.”

As Phillips explains, he’s happy to finally have his long legal battle in his rear-view mirror. “My wife has definitely been a big support and the song is really about [us] because she was with me through all of this these past few years,” Phillips says of spouse Hannah Blackwell, whom he married in October 2015. “It’s about sticking together, powering through and getting to this point that we’re at right now.”

“Miles” is the first single from his upcoming third album, and Phillips tells People that fans can expect to hear genres ranging from rock to country to R&B and blues represented.

“Every artist says, ‘This is my best material to date,’ but I think it is. Musically, it goes so many different places,” he says. “But, it’s still all me.”

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Meanwhile, Phillips has been on the road, touring with the Goo Dolls, and says he’s been encouraged by the many fans who have continued to support him throughout the years.

“I’m seeing fans are still sticking with me even though it has been three years, and I’m just thrilled,” he says. “I’m still able to keep living my dream.”

You can give “Miles” a listen right here:

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