Reese Witherspoon Is ‘Optimistic’ For ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2

Reese Witherspoon’s limited series was a big hit with audiences and fans may be in store for more!

“Big Little Lies” finished its short run on HBO in April, but the overwhelmingly positive critical response may lead to its return.

Witherspoon, 41, told The Hollywood Reporter she was “optimistic” for the future of the show. “Right now, we’re happy if this is all there is,” the actress explained. “We’re optimistic that there might be more.”

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The limited series was based off the book of the same name, by writer Liane Moriarty, and therein lies the challenge in a second season. “It just comes down to, do we have the story? It was a stand-alone book and there was nothing after that, so it’s up to the mind of the writer to create the vision for the journey of these characters,” Witherspoon continued.

“Right now, we have nothing. We don’t have a book. We’re certainly not going to create it out of thin air. [Moriarty’s] very deft at, first of all, creating tension through mystery, but also digging deep into the very intimate lives of female friendships — their relationships, their romantic relationships, their parenting styles.”

Witherspoon credits fans for breathing life into the show’s future. “The most important thing as actors and filmmakers and entertainers is that you want to reach people. You want to touch people’s hearts, and I think this is one of those shows that is unique in that it was very entertaining, but it was also really moving and talking about issues that are very on the forefront of everyone’s mind,” the Oscar-winning actress said.

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“So, it’s really demand from the audience that would create a second season.”

Injecting some humour into the conversation, Witherspoon also dished on the funniest fan tributes she has witnessed. “One of my favorite things is on Instagram where there are two fabulous guys who dress up as me and Laura Dern in all the moments of our career,” she explained.

“Just think it’s really funny. Also, they did the opening sequence where all the women walk towards the camera in their Audrey Hepburn outfits. They completely reenacted it with costumes and everything at one of their dinner parties, which was fabulous.”

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