Sarah Hyland Defends Herself After ‘Straight White Male’ Statement Sparks Debate

Sarah Hyland is putting the controversy to rest after users online took offence to her tweet.

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The “Modern Family” star posted a tweet on Saturday in which she described the U.S. as a “very scary place to live” unless “you’re a straight white male.” Her tweet was in response to a horrific incident in which a driver killed one “anti-racist” protester and injured 19 others at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Twitter immediately jumped at the debate, with some users expressing disappointment over her alleged generalization of the issue and others defending her intentions.

Hyland, 26, did not back down and continued to defend her stance online.

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In an attempt to put the argument to rest, Hyland abandoned Twitter’s 140-character limit and released a long form statement.

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